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We shall conduct our business with uncompromising integrity, honesty and fairness


We shall demonstrate excellence in the delivery of products and services to our customers and in our interactions with all stakeholders via competent people, innovation and the application of appropriate technology

Fair Return

To assure longevity and sustainability of our business, we shall earn a return that is fair to our company and our customers

Health Safety and the Environment

We are committed to managing the risks associated with our business to assure the well being of all people, other species, the environment and assets. We firmly believe that all accidents can be avoided and will not compromise on our goal of an accident free workplace.

Mutual Respect

All stakeholders shall be treated with respect thus promoting relationships and
a culture of openness, teamwork and


We shall continuously learn from our past, realistically assess our present state, manage our business to deliver good returns and create a bright future through disciplined planning and committed action