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Our goal in 2017 is to achieve certification of the QMS to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The intent of this standard is to foster leadership, improve the application of quality principles to business processes, facilitate the application of risk based thinking and risk management throughout the organization. Compliance to this revised standard will result in greater value for our customers and stakeholders.

History of the QMS of DAMUS Limited

Stakeholders and interested parties all benefit from Damus’ QMS as follows:


Our customers are our priority and our strategic partners in the projects we undertake on their behalf.  The hallmark of customer service and satisfaction is repeat business and we have maintained long lasting business relationships with many customers over the years. At Damus, we actively seek to create value for our customers and minimize costs through efficient management of resources and reduction in waste, re-work and other failures.


Our qualified and competent workforce are empowered to provide solutions in an environment that is based on respect for all, integrity, discipline and productivity.  We value safety, quality, team work and performance excellence.


We insist on the highest levels of safety and quality performance from our suppliers and engage in fair and transparent business practices throughout the supply chain.  Our suppliers are our partners in producing a defect free end product.


We are committed to providing sustainable solutions so that society as a whole benefit from our activities.  This includes fair and ethical business conduct, corporate social responsibility, equality, fulfillment of our legal obligations and care for the environment.

Q uality is our passion at Damus and we recognize that it is at the center of who we are and what we do.  Customer satisfaction is one of the tenets on which QUALITY is based and customer satisfaction is the foundation of Damus’ brand and philosophy.  Our business and operational processes are designed to meet requirements, create value and ultimately, to satisfy customers.  We focus on achievement of high performance and workmanship standards and directing progress toward continual improvement and business continuity, all with the fundamental goal of satisfying our customers.

W e are committed to being a leader in Quality Management in our sector, ensuring that we deliver products and services of the highest quality.  Our Quality Management System (QMS) meets the requirements of recognized industry codes and standards and we are proud to declare that the QMS of Damus Limited is accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.  Our commitment to quality has withstood the test of time as we have successfully maintained this certification since July 2000.  This is a testament to our deep rooted culture of quality, the strength of our QMS and our dedication to customer satisfaction and continual improvement.

A t Damus, we utilize the QMS to ensure our customers’ objectives are fully met.  Our professional, competent and industry certified Quality Assurance and Quality Control personnel follow each project from kick off to close out.  QA and QC personnel are prepared to work closely with customers so that goals and targets are fully realized and expectations are fulfilled.  The mission of our Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams are to proactively avoid potentially costly errors in production and service provision, incorrect material selections, or omissions in design, etc. and to ensure that applicable industry standards and specifications are always met.

T he establishment and maintenance of a QMS that is based on the ISO 9001 standard enables us to achieve the goals and objectives set out in our strategies, policies and plans.  Quality is integrated into all activities of the organization, beginning with the identification of customer requirements and ending with their satisfaction, at every transaction interface.

E mbracing the management of quality facilitates the following key objectives:

  1. Analysis of data for fact based decision making,
  2. Strategic thinking and planning,
  3. Flexibility and adaptability to change in the internal and external environment,
  4. Optimal allocation and efficient use of resources,
  5. Evaluation of the effectiveness of processes.

T he application of Quality Management principles and practices has ensured that we continuously look for innovative ways to improve the products and services provided for our customers and end users.  We achieve this by monitoring and implementing best practices in the industry and we actively seek new methods to improve our processes.

Damus is an organization that is fully committed to QUALITY and the pursuit of excellence. We believe that productivity and efficiency is achieved through sustained effort, rigorous attention to detail and insistence on the highest standards of QUALITY and performance. These are the attributes that Damus was founded on and that have allowed us to create history and maintain our reputation as the premier provider of mechanical engineering and construction services.